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Affirmative Action Projects

1. Felipe Costales Scholarship :  


The Felipe Costales Cordero scholarship is a maintenance scholarship that awards $1,000 dollars a year to a student of the Ethnic Diversity Program who is studying Psychology at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. The spirit of the scholarship is to highlight the legacy of Professor Felipe Costales Cordero and support a student  with significant economic needs that meets the requirements of the Ethnic Diversity Program. To opt for this scholarship, criteria of need will be considered, but also academic quality and contribution to the community. The scholarship money is the result of the work of the students who carry out their clinical practices at reduced prices to make them accessible to people with limited resources. The scholarship also includes contributions from Felipe's friends and family.

Felipe Costales Cordero (1979-2015) was a full-time professor of Psychology at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and his area of interest was statistics related to behavior and education. He graduated as an Organizational Psychologist, with a Master's Degree in Strategic Management of Human Resources at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, in Quito. At the time of his death, he was writing the thesis for his Doctorate in Humanities and Arts, mention in Education, at the National University of Rosario, in Argentina. His students and colleagues always admire his intelligence, his kind heart and we are infected by his joy, enthusiasm for teaching and research.


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2. Support Project for the Ethnic Diversity Program:   


This project trains Psychology students on active listening skills, social determinants of health with a focus on recovery, human rights, and is aimed at accompanying first-year students of the USFQ Ethnic Diversity program. Psychology students meet weekly with their peers for psychosocial support. In this project, dialogues will be organized after each training and supervision spaces will be generated where the importance of approaching the group with cultural sensitivity will be addressed, which will be aimed at people who come from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic and geographic contexts. 

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