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McLean Hospital and USFQ presented in March 2019 the first congress "Mental Health Ecuador" focused on providing mental health professionals with knowledge of the best and current practices. It was an opportunity to learn from case studies and in-depth training on some of the most advanced clinical treatments for depression, anxiety, substance abuse and self-harm.
By the end of the conference, participants were more confident in their ability to diagnose and treat some of the most common psychiatric disorders in adolescents and adults.

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In this section you will find information about upcoming workshops.


The Mental Health Clinic continually offers training workshops. Once a year the workshops are conducted by professionals from the MHC, McLean Hospital among others. In the month of October 2019, the first conferences for parents and educators were held.

Mental Health Talks

The MHC has created the Mental Health Talks that are a learning opportunity from the professionals of the Mental Health Center to students. The talks are free and a student can attend 1 or all 21 talks.

There is also the possibility for students to receive a certificate of academic hours completed, if they attend. In order to receive this certificate, students should attend a minimum of 5 talks or a maximum of 21. The certificate is endorsed by the USFQ Continuing Education department and will cost 15 USD (either for 5 or 21 talks attended).

If you want to be part of the talks, click here or on the image below:

Eventos: About Us
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