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Meet the Administrative Team
of the USFQ Mental Health Center

USFQ Mental Health Center Cares For You

USFQ Mental Health Center has a multi-disciplinary team that will attend to your needs.

The services that we offer are: therapy (individual, couple, family, juvenile child) and evaluations (neuropsychological, psycho-pedagogical, vocational and cognitive).

Our Story

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The USFQ Mental Health Center (MHC) emerged from a joint collaboration between the Psychology Department at USFQ and SIME (Medical Systems USFQ). It works as a training platform for Clinical Psychology students and offers psychological and outpatient psycho educational services to our community, with accessible pricing for vulnerable and unattended populations. 

Our center believes that mental health is a fundamental component for personal, academic and professional development and because of this, our services are directed to increase the accessibility, information and evidence based treatments for all of our community. We wish to erradicate the stigma associated with the mental health conditions in order to improve social inclusion.

One of our most recent achievements has been the beginning of a strong collaboration with McLean Psychiatric Hospital (an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School). This collaboration has helped us train our professionals with evidence based  treatments in order to strengthen our services and promote education about mental health to our community. In the same way, the USFQ MHC has created an strategic collaborative agreement with the IOCDF (International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation) a non profit organization supported by donors that provides resources and support to the people affected by obsessive compulsive disorder, offers the latest evidence based treatments and brings community support.
Our goal is to become a mental health reference in the next ten years in our community, country and Latin America.


USFQ MHC develops its activities within the framework of the institutional mission of the USFQ and SIME. It provides quality mental health services based on scientific evidence, which contribute to increase accessibility, information, support and care to members of the community to improve their physiological and psychiatric well-being. Additionally, it contributes to the education and training of clinical psychologists with the highest standards of care and education.


USFQ MHC believes that mental health is a fundamental component of a healthy, personal, academic and professional development. Our MHC promotes awareness of the importance of psychological well-being and the destigmatization of mental illnesses in order to increase access to mental health services and social inclusion of those who suffer from it.


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Meet Our Team of Professionals


Mariana García

Clinical Psychologist

Population: teenagers and adults

Specialty: anxiety, depression, personality disorders, TCC.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, when Mariana was 8 years old she came to Ecuador. She's passionate about knowing about the different processes of the human mind; she firmly believes that the human being has an innate tendency for growth and that is why she decided to study clinical psychology. Mariana is also passionate about sports; recently she climbed

  Cotopaxi and was able to understand the potential that we all achieve when we unify our mind and body.


Our recent collaborations with national and international hospitals and organizations.

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Learn more about our different projects that involve faculty, students and our community. 

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Events organized by USFQ Mental Health Center.

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Contact us

SIME Locations

Cumbayá: Paseo San Francisco, subsuelo 2.

Carcelén: Calle Velasco Ibarra E1-75 y Av. Diego de Vásquez.

La Carolina: Noruega N9-21 y Suiza. Edf. Coopseguros PB.

Valle de los Chillos: Av. General Enríquez y Av. Ilaló.

Manta: Mall del Pacífico, Av. Malecón y calle 23 C.C Local P2-033.

Galápagos: Consultas de videollamada

Phones and Whatsapp: 0980435484

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